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"You were beyond 'phenomenal'!  I just thought you should know that." -- Patron at Liberty Adult Day Health


"Thank you again for suggesting that we try this! (Zoom concert)  The residents and staff really loved it. Again thank you!  It was so much fun seeing them out of their rooms and enjoying some wonderful music again!" - Activities Director, Robbie's Place, Marlborough

"You were loved!  You lit up the place!" - Activities Director, The Colony

"You were the best thing we saw all of last year, and you are the best thing we have seen THIS year!" - Resident at the Goddard House, Worcester

"We couldn't help but be excited by your singing!" - Member of Leicester First Congregational Church

"I was wondering when she would bring a real entertainer in here!  She's finally done it!" - Resident at The Highlands of Westborough

"I had a doctor's appointment today, and I didn't go. I wanted to see him, but I wanted to see YOU more!' - Resident at Eisenberg Assisted Living

"Please use me as a reference for you -- although whenever I mention your name everyone seems to know you and you are spoken of very fondly so your wonderful reputation goes before you!"- Solace RNovations, Inc.

"I LOVED it!" - Resident at the Odd Fellows Home


"I don’t know what you did to these people over the weekend, but there was a line of wheelchairs outside my office on Monday morning!  They are demanding to have you back!” – The Goddard House, Worcester

"You are the best we've ever had here!  Please come back soon!" - Patron at the West Newton, PA Senior Center

"P.E., once again thank you for an amazing and engaging concert today.  Our members always have so much fun when you perform!" - Virtual Program Director, Franklin Senior Center

"I ... LOVE ... him!" - Resident at Jewish Health Care when asked, "How was the show today?"

"We had a guy come in here early this week - he was good - but he wasn't YOU!  They LOVE you!"  - Aide at Whitney Place Westborough

"Life is tough. You make it so much more tolerable when you come here.  I figure I should tell you that.  So you know." - Resident at Eisenberg

"He's part of our family!" - Resident at the Willows of Worcester

"I've been here seven and a half years.  You're the best I've ever seen!  We're lucky to have gotten you!" - Aide at Odd Fellows, Worcester

"Thank you for performing on Monday. The residents are still talking about it. The videos staff took show everyone having a good time. Thank you for bringing joy into their afternoon." - Director of Recreation, Beaumont Westborough 

"You are DAMNED good!" - Resident at Goddard Homestead, Worcester

"Thank You. You are always a fabulous entertainer. Residents love you." - Activities Director, The Highlands of Westborough

" I've seen all of the musicians they have brought in this year.  You are - by FAR - the best, and I thought somebody should tell you that!" - Resident at Notre Dame LTC

"We all loved your music and energy! Looking forward to hearing you perform again with us soon." - Activities Director, Dodge Park 

"You're LIVELY!  They LOVE 'lively'!" - Marlborough Senior Center Memory Care

"I was a drummer for several local bands in the 70s, and I've seen all of the musicians they bring in here to entertain my Mom for a long time.  You give them more energy than anyone I have ever seen!  I've NEVER seen them dance like they did today!" - Son of a resident at Beaumont Westborough

"I 'm not supposed to tell you this - I SHOULDN'T tell you this!  - We have a lot of performers in here.  But YOU are their favorite!" - Aide at Beaumont Whitney Place

"You don't belong here - You belong in NEW YORK!"  - Resident at Eisenberg Assisted Living

"I'm not surprised by the comments you get from various folks - you impact many people's lives while entertaining folks with Alzheimer's and their families." - Director, Shrewsbury Public Library, Host of a Memory Cafe

"You got raves!! We would love to have you back!!" - Executive Director, Westborough Senior Center

"Would you happen to have a different day open for August?  I have a doctor appointment that day.  I love listening to you also, and love to see the residents enjoying it, and don’t want to miss it!" - Activities Director, Notre Dame Harmony

"We love having you, you really are an important part of our community. The residents recognize who you are and look forward to your music." - Activities Director, Whitney Place Westborough

"The residents all LOVE you! " - Health Care Center, The Willows at Worcester

"You were great today!" - Director of Activities, Christopher Heights Webster, MA

"We need this guy back here, and soon!  What about tonight?" - Resident at Bridges of Epoch, Sudbury

"We really do love you here. Our residents love hearing your music! Staff gets so excited too, when they know you are coming to sing!" - Jewish Health Care Center

"Super performance today. You are so uplifting !Thank You.  AMAZING show!" - Activities Coordinator, The Highlands of Westborough

"The 'Senior Prom' you played at was off the hook!" - Beaumont Plantation Street

"Can I adopt you?" - Resident at Beaumont Westborough

"They LOVE you!"  - Oriol Health Care System

“I've gotten such great feedback from your're a huge hit with our residents and I'm thrilled we can continue to work together.” – Center Communities of Brookline

“The rapport you have, the song selection…. I’ve been doing this for thirty years.  You are the best I’ve ever seen!” – Parsons Hill Rehabilitation Center 


"You just 'sugar these people up' and give 'em back to us!" - Pleasantries Adult Day Care

“They’d string me up if we didn’t have you back quick!” – Parsons Hill Rehabilitation Center

"I have never seen anyone as good as you!" - Resident at Overlook

“We are definitely going to call you back!  All of the residents said you were excellent, and we go by what they say!” -  The Hermitage


“You were DELICIOUS! Your songs will keep us going for another three weeks!” – Resident at Eisenberg Assisted Living


"I've lived here for ten years.  You are the best I have ever seen!" -- Resident at New Horizons

"I will absolutely pass your information along to colleagues!  Thanks again for helping make a great party!" -- Marlborough Senior Center

“Thanks for a fantastic program!  My campus clinical director also heard you perform and said you were excellent!” – Activities Director, Jewish Health Care Center


“You were fabulous and will be back soon!” – Worcester Senior Center

“Thank you, and the residents loved the old to the newer songs. They had a blast!  They loved you and want to have you back.” – Life Care Center of Wilbraham


“Great job!” – Beaumont Northborough

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