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 "Please use me as a reference for you -- although whenever I mention your name everyone seems to know you and you are spoken of very fondly so your wonderful reputation goes before you!"- Solace RNovations, Inc.


"I don’t know what you did to these people over the weekend, but there was a line of wheelchairs outside my office on Monday morning!  They are demanding to have you back!” – The Goddard House

"I 'm not supposed to tell you this - I SHOULDN'T tell you this!  - We have a lot of performers in here.  But YOU are their favorite!" - Beaumont Whitney Place

"You don't belong here - You belong in NEW YORK!"  -Resident at Eisenberg Assisted Living

"We really do love you here.  Staff gets so excited too, when they know you are coming to sing!" - Jewish Health Care Center

"The 'Senior Prom' you played at was off the hook!" - Beaumont Plantation Street

"They LOVE you!"  -- Oriol Health Care System

“I've gotten such great feedback from your concert...you're a huge hit with our residents and I'm thrilled we can continue to work together.” – Center Communities of Brookline

“The rapport you have, the song selection…. I’ve been doing this for thirty years.  You are the best I’ve ever seen!” – Parsons Hill Rehabilitation Center 


"You just 'sugar these people up' and give 'em back to us!" - Pleasantries

“They’d string me up if we didn’t have you back quick!” – Parsons Hill Rehabilitation Center

"I have never seen anyone as good as you!" - Resident at Overlook

“We are definitely going to call you back!  All of the residents said you were excellent, and we go by what they say!” -  The Hermitage


“You were DELICIOUS! Your songs will keep us going for another three weeks!” – Resident at Eisenberg Assisted Living


"I've lived here for ten years.  You are the best I have ever seen!" -- Resident at New Horizons

"I will absolutely pass your information along to colleagues!  Thanks again for helping make a great party!" -- Marlborough Senior Center

“Thanks for a fantastic program!  My campus clinical director also heard you perform and said you were excellent!” – Jewish Health Care Center


“You were fabulous and will be back soon!” – Worcester Senior Center

“Thank you, and the residents loved the old to the newer songs. They had a blast!  They loved you and want to have you back.” – Life Care Center of Wilbraham


“Great job!” – Beaumont Northborough