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"James ... is a fine musician, and has a clear, expressive voice that's extremely pleasant on the ears.  James' guitar work is spectacular."–  Victor Infante, Telegram & Gazette


“Thank you so much for doing the anthem for us on 11/11. It was awesome and I can’t overstate how much we appreciate it!” – Director of Sales, New England Patriots, New England Revolution

The album has a great balance of the humorous and the heartfelt...."I Guess I Heard 'I Love You'" -- You know you've got a great song when it's able to soar as this one does with such seeming simplicity -- it's working right.  Nicely done!"  -- Christopher Koch, Emmy winner, and sound mixer of Bruce Springsteen documentary


"You got a voice and a half!" -- Worcester folk singing legend

"You were DELICIOUS! Your songs will keep us going for another three weeks!” – Resident at Eisenberg Assisted Living

"I haven't actually heard your CD wife has it in her car, and she's not letting it out!"-- Husband of new fan

"This is the best self-produced album we have heard.  And after seeing you perform, I didn't think you'd have any problem moving them." -- Bob Mooney, owner of Jeanie Records


"I LOVE THE CD!  I have it in my car here in LA, and I have been listening to it over and over!" -- Che' Zuro, musician and co-writer of "Blue Skies"


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